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The Thar Desert, called also the Great Indian Desert, is quite small in comparison to the largest ones in the world (number 18 in largeness/vastness) but holds the first place as the most densely populated desert in the world (83 people per km2 vs 7 in other deserts) with a 40% of the total population of Rajasthan living there. The Thar tribes are Banjaras, Bhils, Langhas, Dholis, Rajputs, Sindhi Mangiyars and Muslims. The tribes still follow their traditional way of life there and attract thousands of tourists to this desert. Come and see how these people live. You can taste their food, visit their houses and admire their traditional clothes/dresses. You might also appreciate their great passion for folk music and poetry.
The main occupation of these desert people is agriculture and animal husbandry. In past years there has been a tremendous increase in human population as well as in animal population. This has led to improper control of grazing and extensive cultivation resulting into the deterioration of vegetation resources and the degradation of soil fertility.
In this special life-style tour you can see unique culture of this part of India. You can visit many locations, like old traditional villages located in the deep desert.
We can also arrange for you a permission for film shooting in this area.