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CAMEL SAFARI - Touristic
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The camel, also known as the "ship of the desert", is the most popular animal here in the desert area. The camel safari routes go through the desert sand dunes and take you to the marvelousl countryside. Come and see the desert with us, explore the sand dunes, in evening see the beautiful sunset.
in night you can enjoy followed by the clear sky full of stars in morning you can observe the desert sunrise.
On your way to sand dunes you might glimpse the simple life of camel driver & camel and get to know a little bit about the rustic life-style of the desert people.
Our safari is designed to suit all the travellers across the globe, whether you’re a laid-back shanti shanti backpacker, an all-out Maharaja traveller or someone who craves for adventure.
Our camel desert safaris are · for sunset,sunrise,desert night life.
· guided by the camel drivers - the desert people can tell you everything you wish to know about the desert life